Death By 1,000 Subscriptions πŸ’€

Quick, don't think, just answer--how many subscriptions do you have?

I asked myself this question and had no clue. So I counted.

21. I subscribe to 21 things. Here's the complete list. You may freely judge me.

  1. Car wash
  2. iCloud
  3. Todoist
  4. Fantastical
  5. YNAB
  6. Day One
  7. 1Password
  8. Phone Bill
  9. Backblaze
  10. Spotify
  11. Disney+
  12. Netflix DVD (Yes, they still do that.)
  13. YouTube Premium
  14. Superhuman <-- you should really judge me for this one
  15. Essay
  16. Google One
  17. Sapphire Fee
  18. Costco
  19. Amazon Prime
  20. Adobe
  21. Readwise

That's a total of $2,242.80 annually. Here's what that looks like spread across 2022 by month.

The average American estimates that they spend $86 a month on subscriptions, but the average American actually spends $219 a month on subscriptions. That's 2.5x more than their original estimate!​

In honor of Spring (which still feels suspiciously like Winter in my neck of the woods) let's all do some Spring Cleaning and decide if we want to stay subscribed to everything we pay for.

Quote Of The Week

Reading List

*Books stay on the list until I'm finished reading them. (This one's gonna be on here for a's like 2,000 pages long. But so good!

Something Fun

Hope you enjoyed these little tidbits. Hit reply to let me know what is your most indulgent subscription. Mine is definitely Netflix DVD. I've been working my way through AFI's list of the 100 greatest American films of all time.


Please consider inviting someone you know to subscribe. ❀️

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