↩️ You Can Reverse Your Mistakes


Hey friends,

I've gained 30 pounds over the last few years. Somewhat disturbed by this, I recently decided to hire a coach to help me improve my health.

Things have been going well. But then...

Two weeks ago I went on a quick trip with my brother-in-law. We saw Jacob Collier perform at the Hollywood Bowl and returned home the very next day. In that short time, I managed to gain back nearly half the weight I'd lost over several months.

This depressed me.

How could a few days of riotous eating erase months of progress? All I could do was lean back into my new habits and wait for them to take effect again.

Slowly and steadily, that's what happened.

Two weeks later, I'm back at the weight I was when I left for the trip.

Losing weight is a lot like growing your financial net worth. Vacations, emergencies, and shopping sprees will temporarily set you back.

You'll feel regret when you deplete an emergency fund you saved for months to impulsively buy a new toy. You'll want to cry when the money you planned to use for holiday presents goes to repairing your broken car instead.

When you experience a setback, just lean back into your new habits. Recognize that a setback doesn't have to interrupt your overall trajectory.

You can reverse your mistakes. You're playing a long game. Fixing a mistake often takes WAY longer than making the mistake in the first place, but don't let that stop you.

Have a great week!


❤️ My Favorite Things This Week

📚 Book - First, Break All the Rules. Another management book. I can't help it. This one explores the findings of a giant survey of successful managers, and therefore presents a convincing, data based argument about what they all have in common.

🎵 Song - "Lua" by Jacob Collier. Hearing this live had to be one of the most transportive musical experiences of my life. It was definitely worth gaining a few pounds. 😂

🎬 Movie - 1917 (2019). Historical fiction set in World War I. I'd watch this movie repeatedly just to experience the scene that's lit primarily by flares over and over again. Stunning.

🎙️ My New Podcast Episodes

⏱️ Tyler Hires A Coach - Tyler is a coach, and now he has hired a coach. Steve asks him about how it works, what he's learned, and how it's making him a better coach to his own clients.

🛠️ Appliance Repairs, Or, What Is The Client Really Buying? - Steve reveals just how handy he is around the house. Tyler internally wonders why he is more prone to hire people instead of trying to fix things himself, and he is self-conscious about this.

✍️ Quote Of The Week

You have to take risk to get ahead, but no risk that can wipe you out is ever worth taking.

From The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel. Resurfaced by Readwise.

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